Acne, the scourge of the teen years and sometimes adulthood is a common skin ailment  generally occurring on the face, back, chest or neck resulting in pimples which can sometimes cause scarring.

Although there are many medications and creams that are sold to treat acne, a drug free approach would be the use of salt therapy or halotherapy.  At Saltastic, the dry salt particles increase activity of skin ion channels, stimulating cell growth and regeneration.  Dry salt particles balance skin pH and auto flora, as well as reducing harmful bacteria and inflammation.  After a series of treatment, study subjects showed decreased itching, decreased or resolved scaling of the skin and drying and healing of small fissures, scratches and exudative symptoms.

Salt Soap Bars and Body Bars are also available so you can continue the treatment at home.  Just wet the skin and rub the salt bar over the area. Rinse and dry.  Saltastic carries Get Salted products which are 100% organic Himalayan Salt Crystals, 100% Essentials Oils, Fresh Herbs & Botanicals, Non-GMO Ingredients and Vegan & Gluten Free.

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