What is Dry Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy also known as Dry Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive.

Salt Therapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the microclimate found in the natural salt mines or salt caves. At Saltastic, this is possible because of our Medically Certified Halogenerator that precisely grinds heated pharmaceutical grade salt (pure sodium chloride)into micro-sized particles that are then dispersed into the air in a closed environment, our salt rooms. Dry Salt Therapy promotes better respiratory function, healthier skin, detoxification, sounder sleep, enhanced physical performance/endurance and overall wellness.

Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, which assists in reducing inflammation of the respiratory system, clearing skin conditions and strengthen the immune system.

Attending salt therapy sessions regularly may help manage symptoms of chronic conditions, such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, snoring/sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and eczema.  Dry salt therapy may also be used seasonally as a preventative measure against allergies, viruses, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections and common cold and flu.  If you do not have any medical concerns, you may still benefit from salt therapy.  It is very beneficial for relaxation, pain and stress management, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, jet lag, migraines, smoker’s cough and general wellness.

How does it work?


Salt Therapy relies on a basic mineral, pure sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, to stimulate the body’s internal processes for cleansing the respiratory tract and strengthening lung function. Through exposure to negatively ionized micro-sized particles (2 to 5 microns) in a carefully controlled environment, people simply inhale and exhale to improve their breathing.


After completion of your client intake form, you will be able to make your way to our locker room to secure your belongings and then enter our salt room. You will relax in comfortable zero gravity chairs with dim lighting and relaxation music. A blanket and pillow are also provided for your comfort. Each session lasts 45 minutes and starts precisely on the hour.  You will leave the salt room refreshed, rejuvenated and reenergized.   You may notice a slight taste of salt on your tongue.  Salt on your clothing is easily brushed off.


After your salt therapy session, your symptoms may be alleviated and easier to manage.  Open airways, increased lung capacity, and improved mental wellness are all possible.  Some people even report that they feel an improvement in their breathing after just one session in the salt room but as with any natural healing remedy, the effects are cumulative and the benefits you feel should increase and last longer with every session.

Benefits of dry salt therapy

Dry salt is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and absorbent.  Salt therapy benefits people of all ages and is great for the respiratory and immune systems, skin conditions, and overall wellness.

Immune system

Reduces excessive mucus, strengthens immune system, fights pathogens to prevent spreading of viruses and build-up resistance.

respiratory tract

As you breathe the dry microscopic salt particles deep into your lungs, they line the walls of your airways, helping to kill bacteria and viruses, and aiding in the clearing of mucus.  This process reduces inflammation in the entire respiratory tract, allowing you to breathe easier.  The salt is working as a “bronchial toothbrush” for the airways.

skin conditions

Salt is not only cleansing, it is purifying as it helps to remove the oils and bacteria that cause skin irritation and skin conditions. The salt particles that are circulating throughout the air act as an exfoliant and promote reparative and regenerative process, as well as slows aging process.

general wellness

Relaxes the body, reduces headaches, alleviates stress, increases energy, improves mood, promotes a better night’s sleep.


Stress, Sleep + Anxiety
Overall wellness



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