This class offers Empaths and energetically sensitive people the opportunity to receive the benefits of an Energetic Clearing and Halotherapy combined.

Energy Clearing is kind of like hiring a cleaner. You may look at your house and have no idea what needs to be cleaned. I mean, that’s just the way things have always been. Then one day, you hire a cleaner and she doesn’t just wipe down counter tops and vacuum, she actually scrubs walls and baseboards, she clears the spiderwebs out of the corner that you didn’t notice till they were gone, she even sorts the junk under the sink. It’s her job to know what needs doing, and so she gamely goes about doing all the things we don’t notice or think of.

Join Candice – of Purely Elemental  as we talk about what it is to be super sensitive, clear the energetic bodies and journey through a heart centered grounding meditation. The use of Halotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse and clear the aura leaving you feeling lighter, stress free and is an excellent complimentary therapy to energy work.

Saltastic is the perfect place to escape, heal your body, and refresh your mind!


1 Salted Class


Spaces are limited. This class will sell out fast.