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Saltastic carries a large assortment of Himalayan Salt Lamps to help you maintain a healthy environment in your home. We have salt lamps of all shapes, colors and sizes. Come in and browse our unique selection and find your special piece or pieces to take home with you.


Millions of years ago, the present-day subcontinents of India and Eurasia collided, elevating the ocean beds high into the air, creating the Himalayan Mountains. Salt crystal from the ocean beds remained trapped in the cavernous depths of the Himalayans for centuries. Now, the salt, once inaccessible to man, is available for your benefit and enjoyment.

The effects of Himalayan salt lamps are reported to be similar to those of ionizers. Natural salt lamps permeate their surroundings with negative ions. Negative ions are believed to kill bacteria, purify the air, reduce radiation, and increase well-being. Salt lamps help reduce electromagnetic radiation (EMFS), increase relaxation – less stress (Color and Light Therapy) and clear space of negative energy (Fung Shui).

When you bring a salt lamp into your home, you are creating a natural environment just as when you introduce house plants and water features. These things, by imparting clean, fresh air into our homes, leave us feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated!

By purifying the air in your home, you will notice improvements in your family’s health and well-being. Clients who regularly use salt lamps have said they have realized significant improvement in the air in their home and have also noticed an enhanced sense of well-being.
They love the gentle, glowing light and beauty of our Himalayan crystal salt lamps and rock salt candle holders.

Himalayan salt comes from the time when the earth was pristine. Himalayan salt is pure, chemically free and contains no impurities from environmental pollution. The composition of the salt has one of the world’s highest elemental concentration of 84 minerals and trace elements, the same nutritional elements our bodies need to survive.

Saltastic now carries So Well Fair Trade Salt lamps.  They come in beautiful amber, white & grey.

White Himalayan salt lamps are piercingly beautiful and a great choice for those looking to energize their home décor.

Grey Himalayan salt lamps are a perfect fit in a muted, modern décor. They emit a soothing and calming glow which keeps you balanced and relaxed. Get all the benefits of negative ions without the brightness.

Amber Himalayan salt lamp create the perfect ambiance for any space in your home or office, casting a beautiful glow across any surface it’s placed upon.