Join us on scheduled Saturdays at 8:30AM for Yin Yoga & Salt Therapy Combination!

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit….SALTED Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to a stronger yoga practice, or if you are just beginning your yoga journey. It moves at a slow pace, generally targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine 🙌💕. The combination of Yin Yoga and Salt Therapy provides an opportunity to calm the mind, reduce inflammation and relieve achy joints.
Relax – Renew – Restore.

“Let yourself be guided by Lisa Kmiel, certified Yoga Teacher and enjoy all the benefits, you deserve this 👍”

From a physical standpoint, yin postures are all about release. Postures and breathwork typically focus on manipulating the fascia—the deep connective tissues that fit like a sleeve around muscle groups and individual muscles.

Connective tissues such as tendons (which connect muscles to bones and help with skeletal movement) and ligaments (which connect bones to each other and help with overall stability), are also a focus of Yin Yoga. Since these tissues work hard to support and stabilize muscles and joints, they inherently resist changes from dynamic physical exertion. However, connective tissues lose elasticity if they are underused (which can happen if you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle) or as a natural byproduct of aging. This can present physically as stiffness, achy joints, or limited joint mobility.

By slowly loading various types of connective tissues with weight and maintaining long static holds, Yin Yoga aims to train muscular fascia to become more flexible and ligaments that support joints to become stronger. This creates space for our muscles to lengthen more in yang practices and our joints to safely enjoy an increased range of mobility during our daily movements.

Saltastic is the perfect place to escape, heal your body, and refresh your mind!


1 Salted Class



1 Salted Class

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Mats are provided – All skill levels welcome
Spaces are limited – These classes will sell out fast