Salted Group Therapy

We are happy to offer Salted Yoga Nidra, Salted Yin Yoga and Salted Energy Clearing as group classes.

Yoga Nidra – Comes in many forms and guises, and used to be a structural practice that involves many steps and stages. In recent years, many traditions started to incorporate its different forms and elements of in their practices, such as therapeutic and restorative techniques, e.g Irest (Integrative Restoration). So what exactly is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that is primarily done lying in Savasana (Corpse Pose).

“In Yoga Nidra, the body sleeps, the mind rests and the consciousness is awake.”

While the practice offers restoration and rest, the aspiration of the practice is much greater. The goal of yoga nidra is to tap into deeper layers of the mind and explore the subconscious in a way that is meaningful for how you relate to the world in your waking life. For example, you explore what can be uncomfortable emotions in a safe space, which you then have the potential to tackle in a more calm, considered way when awake.

Yin Yoga  – Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit….SALTED Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to a stronger yoga practice, or if you are just beginning your yoga journey. Yin Yoga’s emphasis on inner stillness promotes a deeply meditative experience. Yin Yoga consists of a series of passive floor poses that are typically held for 3-5 minutes in order to liberate the body’s chronic holding patterns, relieve pain, and help recapture ease of movement. Yin yoga poses apply gentle tension to the connective tissues – the tendons, fascia, and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. The poses are also designed to improve the flow of Prana (life force) through the body, improving organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being.  The combination of Yin Yoga and Salt Therapy provides an opportunity to calm the mind, reduce inflammation and relieve achy joints.

Energy Clearing  – There are a lot of people experiencing a spiritual evolution which is becoming a part of a shift in their awareness. More and more are opening up to natural and holistic methods for living and caring for their own bodies. Within this shift, people are realizing the healing effects of salt rooms in conjunction with energy clearings. Having two modalities at the same time is very synergistic and provides a deeper cleansing on all levels and in turn, creating a balance for your mind, body and soul.

Join Candice – of Purely Elemental as we talk about what it is to be super sensitive, clear the energetic bodies and journey through a heart centered grounding meditation. The use of Halotherapy is an excellent way to cleanse and clear the aura leaving you feeling lighter, stress free and is an excellent complimentary therapy to energy work.


Yoga Nidra/Yin Yoga



Energy Clearing



Mats are provided – All skill levels welcome