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Saltastic Salt Therapy & Wellness Spa

Halotherapy Etiquette

For an optimal experience, we ask that all guests follow the code of conduct during your visit;

– Talking in not permitted during your session.
– If you are prone to snoring, we encourage you to stay awake, sit upright and take deep breath throughout your session. This allows for better results and is much appreciated by others.
– Keep movement minimal as it may disturb others.
– Guest MUST wear the provided slippers.
– Be sure to dress comfortably and hydrate before and after your session
– No fragrances or body sprays are to be worn before your visit.
– We are proud to offer a non-smoking environment as such, smoking before your visit is discouraged.
– Cellphones are asked to be turned off and left in our lockers.
– Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated or accepted.
– Outside food or drinks is not permitted in our facility
– Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Guardians must fill out a consent form on behalf of themselves and their child/children.
– The Family salt room is to be tidied up prior to the end of the session.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave our facility if our mindfulness etiquette is not respected.

For you personal safety, the salt rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras (CCTV).